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10-30-2012, 06:28 PM
You can get a build in a excel that will PVE just fine. I can run the 20 man and not too much worry about everything spamming FaW1.

However, in PVP against the bug, it just doesn't stand a chance. There has just been way too many DPS adds, via their Store, and way too many NERFs to tanking/healing to stand up against all the added DPS/P2W 10 console escorts/and consoles.

Just spent millions on a excel trading my ACCX1 APs to Pol Mk 12 ACCX3 (6) beams, crowd control mini build with healing/DPS/tanking as primary. Could last a bit but the end, the result is always the same.

I guess I give up. I just do not want to run around in a P2W escort (doesn't feel all that "star treky" to me) even tho I have 1 or 2 on other alts. There really isn't a build to stay up with the P2W escorts now with all the NERFs (and more coming to healing/tanking).

Cryptic, if you ever decide to do anything for (and not to) Crusiers again, send me a email. Other than that, I'm looking for a new game to spend my time and money in.