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10-30-2012, 08:02 PM
I have been here since day one my fleet Lafamilia is I think the only existing Pre Beta PvP fleet left in the game as all other PvP fleets I believe have evolved after launch.
When SWTOR launched a majority of our US PvP?ers left the game and will not return to a Farmville game with a star trek theme, they have now migrated to guild wars and I would be with them also but my PC isn?t up to Spec.

LF was nearly dead we had about 4 active players just before free to play. Then I took over as the main fleet leader in STO and managed to bring the fleet back to a point where we now form a significant presence in the PvP queues.

I always thought they would do something for pvp it was looking good when free to play launched.

Balance wasn?t too bad apart from sci resists

Devs where talking about pvp content entering the design discussion stage.

But all seems to be going downhill with this new season we haven?t heard a whisper of what?s been done for pvp since Gozer bailed despite the fact someone else was supposedly replacing him.

And another cryptic grind you can spend all your time farming resources and the same content for months for minimal rewards.

What are PvP?ers going to do with a Romulan embassy?

Right now at the start of season 7 I personally feel very dissatisfied with Star Trek Online I have decided to no longer spend money on the game unless PvP improves with more PvP maps ,Game modes and balance passes.

OR they release Risan Beach wear whichever comes first.
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