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10-30-2012, 07:23 PM
Captain's Log, Stardate 83832.21.

Working together with Starfleet, the Omega Force has indentified the location of an Borg Unimartrix, and readings indicate the Borg Queen's ship is in the area. We have been assigned to a strike force for inflitration, our primary objective to infect the collective with a fractual virus. If we are able to though, we are to kill the newest Queen's vessel, and I welcome the challenge. In fact, the crew are priming our disruptor arrays and torpedoes as we speak.

Our strike force will be twenty ships strong, half of them Klingon, and half of them Federation. The I.K.S Vengeance and I will lead the Klingon group, while the U.S.S Odyssey will lead the others.

Preparations for the attack go well, though both our groups are wary of each other, as well as they should be. The Odyssey's captain in particular is not of the typical trusting mold of the Federation, and I personally respect him for that.

Discussions for how we will attack finished hours ago: Both groups will separate at Battle Group Omega, and the Federation will warp in for a head-on attack, distracting the Borg ships while we go in cloaked. The Federation has proven beyond measure that they are the most resilent creatures in the galaxy, and we expect them to hold out.

With most of the Borg ships engaging the Federation group, we will go in virtually unopposed, and will deliver the virus into the Unimartrix. Once this is accomplished, we will decloak and demolish the structure, and any Borg ships that remain. It will be a glorious fight, though the crew initially grumbled that we would not fight immediately.

These are the Borg though: fighting them head-on with no strategy is a coward's way to battle.
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