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Short term:
When your ship is desroyed the level does not always load with any enemies. That needs

The clipping issue with com badges.

Make it free to change account name once. it feels like a cheap money grab.

More NPC's to chat with on starbases have random visitors bar patrons with interesting dialog.

Make the foundry F2P The fans know what kind of missions they want. It would need some kind of screening system as I sure that it might generate to much content for an employee to screen it manually. An interface that asks the player what they wish to accomplish and suggests what makes a good mission would work. Ie templates for types of stories that could assist players a wizard if you will.

Breen enviro suits!!!! Kira wore one.

Have an event where Quark Vists Quarks. It isnt the same without him.

More transwarp locations. We are adult players with lives to live please don't waste our time.


More pieces for the character creator. Klingon dreadlocks suck. And I would like to create aliens with hairy faces, side facing eyes, more skin textures, mutiple limbs etc. I would love more Xindi parts for example.

More diplomatic option not just blowing ships out of the sky or shoot to kill gameplay. more negotiation and dialoque.

Audio voice acting and better music, games like Bridge commander and KOTOR felt like you were in a movie this kind of immersion is missing in STO.

Add poker non Fed stations have Dabo give us poker at esd!

Working holodecks.

More exploration.

more emotes!

More races to choose from I would like to play as morn!

Why do we have bank/ exchange terminals? it looks anachronistic and a bunch of people lined up in ques looks boring.

Long term:

More to do on Risa, Vulcan, Andoria, DS9 etc. I cant get over how boring these planets are, nothing but window dressing. I would love to visit a subterranean city on Andoria or go hunting and visit the Fedration Embassy on Vulcan or have a Condo on Risa (for zen of course). We are federation citizens after all!

More to do inside the ship, Bridge commander style gameplay. Also like some have said before,being able to travel or combat while inside the ship,on the know like in the show.. #3 - More ship interiors... More ship interiors with USEABLE stations... and a Long Term Goal of allowing us to travel while INSIDE the Ship. 10 forward, ready rooms etc. The tutorial mission gave me the impression that my ship would be fully fleshed out

More sector 31 missions espionage missions on Klingon, Cardassian and Breen homeworlds.

Temporal agent missions.

More exploration.

Missions involving disease mutagenic viruses temporal anomalies etc.

more classes than just science engineering and tactical

More planets to visit and more to do there

First contact missions

Return of the Maquis.

Breen as playable race possibly allied with the KDF with their own ships.

A trader/ smuggler faction or trade missions.

Thanks again Cryptic.

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