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10-30-2012, 09:40 PM
Yeah, I also wonder what happened to this mysterious dev who "took over where gozer left off". If he's STILL trying to understand and finish what he "supposedly" had started working on, we're

Lets face it, even if it did indeed get passed onto another dev (which is I really doubt since they won't even tell us who it is), its definitely on the bottom of their to do list. Gozer even admitted he couldn't really get the resources he needed to get his ideas off the ground. While I didn't agree with every idea he had, at least they were ideas with the focus of making pvp better. While he didn't necessarily fully grasp the dynamics of what pvp needs to become balanced while also keeping things balanced within pve, he was at least willing to get on vent with us and discuss his ideas, ask for feedback, and most importantly, LISTEN to what we had to say. We didn't always change his mind, but he actually took what we had to say and pondered it before just dismissing it. It was THE biggest step I've ever seen while playing this game to bridge the gap between the devs and their community. It's a shame that it went to waste.