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Originally Posted by linyive View Post

I am heading into Tribble to check this out.

--- EDIT ---

Since I buy the ones I use from Ferra, I am not too concerned with this change. However, I think buying 'random' duty officers for a set price is insane. We currently pay 10 dilith for common and 50 dilith for rares. If they setup the Personal Store similar to Ferra's store, allowing you to choose specific types of duty officers, I would not have too much of a problem. As long as the prices are rather low, I can see this as a good substitute for using the exchange. On the flip side, the prices in the exchange will skyrocket; thus, people will just quit playing "STO" altogether.

Is that their goal?

I hope Cryptic explains this particular change.
See the thing that worries me, is My small fleet is having trouble grinding everything it needs for our starbase, in addition to their personal character's need to enjoy some of the benefits of said starbase, (provisions).

Now with MORE things costing dilithium, (the reputation system), now we have multiple things all requiring the same things... How can the average casual player enjoy season seven's new content ? Let alone enjoy the results of their grinding ?

UNLESS they start buying Zen and converting it to dilithium?
But with dilithium costs being reduced in STFs.... isn't dilithium gonna start increasing in value thus requiring MORE Zen ? All I can feel is the screws being turned......

I play and hour here, an hour there and as a lifetime member, I have more than a few characters. I can't help but think, more and more NEW CONTENT is gonna be locked behind huge grinds AND DILITHIUM costs....
That just doesn't sound fun at all to me.

What's worse, up till now, I've been able to purchase C Store items I might enjoy playing with.... Zen to be converted to dilithium NOT being one of them.....
I haven't gotten a raise recently....In fact my company's been cutting back.

I'm just afraid, my enjoyment of the game is going to start to suffer more and more and that upsets me. Sorry, but it does.
UFOS have tampered with our Nukes. (

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