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10-30-2012, 09:10 PM
Darkness is an inside joke at Cryptic. All of the higher ups, designers, and to some extent, programmers think that the artists always make things too dark. We're always fighting to get more range in the atmosphere and contrast into our maps, but it often ends up being tone down before being released.

As for colors. . . ya, there is a certain amount of monochromaticism (is that a word?) that goes on. Many times this is due to people trying to evoke some specific feeling/emotion. "We want this map to feel cold." it all ends up being blue. "We want this map to feel spooky." It ends up being grey, and having a lot of fog. I think it's something we always struggle with.

For New Romulus, the Lead's original intent was to make the planet surface feel fairly alien, without going to the standard tropes of giant mushroom trees, or floating plants. We still ended up with the trope of glowing plants, which isn't my favorite, but I think they're subtle enough to not be overbearing.

We attempted a hue shift, making the water/sky purple, and the plants blue/green, but that ended up feeling too much like we literally hue shifted it in photoshop, so we've been working our way back from that, and you can see that the trees are more yellow/green, and saturated than they used to be. . . . well, maybe you can't see that, I don't remember what you guys first got on tribble. Anyway, it was. Often the approach we take on the Art team is to push something too far, and then inch our way back across that line. Rather than starting in a safe zone and inch toward too far.

In the mean time, I have shipped one of these to each one of you. Please attach it to your monitor, and enjoy.
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