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10-30-2012, 10:22 PM
I think PVP in it's current state is very poor. But that's only because it's been buried in so much crap. You can't be bought by a company that openly declares PVP to be it's bread and butter and then neglect it so totally. I think a PVP update/season IS coming, i would put money on it. But i'm just worried they'll look at all the negative factors/strings attached to our current PVP experience i.e overpowered doffs, overpowered ships, ****ed up science skills broken mechanics etc and **** themselves.

If they had released a new lockbox and actually LOOKED at each piece and thought "how does this potentially break PVP?" And then tweek it to co-exist then i'd be happy. But its the sheer shortsightedness of every fluff update that makes it so clear that they have no ****ing idea what PVP is.

If PWE love PVP so damn much, send some developers into Cryptic with that frame of mine and get it done, because frankly the existing bunch just aren't capable.

The above ideas about blaring PVP in tickets and every other channel of communication is worth looking into - but do it at PWE not Cryptic.