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10-30-2012, 09:29 PM
Originally Posted by vengefuldjinn View Post
See the thing that worries me, is My small fleet is having trouble grinding everything it needs for our starbase, in addition to their personal character's need to enjoy some of the benefits of said starbase, (provisions).
I know your pain. Our fleet is having a similar issue. We are currently twenty members strong, and we burn through energy credits, duty officers, dilithium, and zen like crazy. I am afraid that this will completely destroy our fleet. We are too busy buying stuff for fleetbase construction, and we haven't had the chance to buy anything for fun.

I think the fun has been completely drained from "Star Trek: Online".

I can no longer see any real reason to build a fleetbase or embassy, nor do I see any real reason to play through the reputation system. I am afraid our options are now limited.

If this stuff goes into affect, I will have to bring all construction to a halt.

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