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10-30-2012, 10:45 PM
Thats just the thing though, with a properly setup ship it doesn't even matter how the STFs are done aside from just shooting everything.

CSE: A single properly setup escort can kill 3 raptors before they get to kang. A pair of half decent any ship type can as well, or at-least keep Kang alive and healed. (Tac Team on Kang does wonders)
KASE: There really is no method that doesn't work other than ignoring probes.
ISE: This is the only one that can get annoying but a TBR goes a long way. Also a high DPS team can literately ignore the 10% rule and just pump out enough DPS to get et done.

So no, it doesn't or shouldn't matter if someone blows a cube or transformer early as long as half of the group are packing the proper amount of heat and/or tricks. Players have just become so accustomed to success when using the right tactics/kill order to compensate for the large number of bad builds that it gets twisted into the average player thinking they are required. You give me two ships with two copies of APB each and a single escort with CRF and they are all cake even if the other three ships are terribad builds.

And a final note about gear, the actual % difference between a ships DPS in white Mk X weapons and purple fleet weapons is not as high as we would like to believe.

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