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I just heard talk by one of the Dev team on the TTS chat regarding certain creativity issues with the Alien creator.

Needless to say, while some individuals have been more creative than expected, I find that this "feature" is something that should've been available to the playerbase since STO's launch.

I understand that the majority of Star Trek aliens were humanoids, but we all know too well that there were non-humanoid life forms as well. Incentoids, Aquatics, Reptilians, heck there was one Captain (not seen) that had a visible brain (DS9). Why not make these things available to us?

My Federation Tactical Captain was originally intended to be reptilian in nature (between Saurian and Gorn). But things such as beaks, snouts, tails, spikes, and claws were not available with the alien generator. Now, we got cats running around with tails and Gorn with claws, why can't we be allowed to make a reptilian character without doing things we shouldn't?

This creativity could also be a boon for the Foundry in making more alien life.

So what say Cryptic Art Team?