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10-30-2012, 11:01 PM
Hmm I've never gone up against a bug ship in 1 on 1 combat but I have reliably pasted the escort carrier, Patrol escort, and Garumba. so not that far out of the league. Garumba did most spike damage with an all out tactical buf and ato3 alpha. Required use of a TT + TSS to overcome. TT is fa fad skill but its a very powerful fad skill to not use it is to nurf yourself intentionally dont be surprised to loose if you do that.

I fly a canon excelsior on holodeck basicly almost duplicate build to the canon odyssey I posted. Which is a Dontdrunkimshoot build modification with a few lockbox consoles for a more BOP piloting playstyle.

That build is basically it. Drop the APO1 for a crf and the engi skills get an added Aux to Dampeners for a pinch maneuverability boost and they basically line up after that.

killing escorts is simple after that you weather the alpha let their APO# wear off then put them in warp plasma, tac skills, weapon bat, and let rip with your canons. Escorts fold under in about 11 seconds 30 if they have rsp.

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