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Originally Posted by falloutx23 View Post
I'm complaining...

I'm not an escort player...

Truth is, you're probably one of the many voices who say escorts are OP aren't you? It's usually easy to tell who has it out for escorts.
I don't have it out for Escorts but I've seen the pattern most people complaining about mines and can generally tell most are Tacs in Escorts/BoP's. There are exceptions of course but cruisers, carriers and sci ships are pretty much made for support, including AoE so Mines shouldn't be getting near them but if you're a Tacscort, you probably have everything invested in frontload dmg which means having to pop Evasive or Omega to avoid the mines, thus giving up the upperhand and having to come in for another run.

The Jem Bug is the only escort that's a bit out of whack in PvP but they're more a nuiscance than a threat and they're still fairly scarce.

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