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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
Anything but plasma.
Is this really good advice for PvE?

For PvP where everyone and their dog is using the STF shields with high plasma resists, then plasma weapons are a bad choice - but for PvE vs the Borg, unless the NPC's have a specific resist against plasma damage, then I can't see a problem. I recently outfitted my fed sci officer with a full set of purple MK XI plasma DHCs and Turrets + blue MK XI plasma tac consoles for his advanced escort from the exchange for chump change, and although the proc is underwhelming, I can still burn things down very quickly.

Personally I like the disruptor proc the best as it acts as a team damage multiplier, but the most useful thing to bring for STFs is IMHO attack pattern beta, and a full matching set of weapons + tac consoles.