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Originally Posted by ericandrewross View Post
1) It was not Viral Matrix... I know it because there was no debuff icon when it happened, also the weapons went out first, then the engines when I tried to evade, not at the same time, so it was too fast for a recharge.

2) as for the fire arc on the torps, they have been doing that for months, so it is not the new console... and Heavy torps? For Heavy or High Yield torps there is no way to forie that many at one time. Have you ever fired a high yield plasma? it becomes a single slow projectile... which the D'deridex fires four at a time... along with the cannon fire, and beam arrays... so are you trying to tell me it has 16 weapon placements? because that is what it would have to have to use all the weapons it does... maybe more. So really, your arguements are not valid. It IS a cheat ship, and it IS obvious.
1) It has to be Viral Matrix, cause that's what D'deridex ships do when you get into their front arc. The only other sci power they use is PSW and that won't shut down your subsystem. The funny colored character names at the end of your post suggest you have at least 3 sci characters. Please take a closer look at how Viral Matrix actually works. It is no instant all system shutdown, it will randomly take off 1 subsystem after another (with the exception of shields).

2) I know they are doing it for a long time now. The wide angle torp was a comparison and to make it really clear: Why should Fed ships be able to shoot wide angle torps but not Romulan ships? To repeat it for you. The High-Yield Plasma salvo is the D'deridex' special ability, like Ablative Generator is an Intrepids special ability or this massive torp spread is the Armitages special ability. I'm not sure how to make it clearer for you, it's not cheating, just special. Cheating would be magic invulnerability or random kills out of nowhere. These NPCs you are talking about have easy to counter scripted attacks in limited numbers. They'll use them as soon as possible on you and often enough only once.

P.S. To add to it further, I've leveld a fed character not long ago and if I remember correctly there are 3 named "boss" D'deridex Warbirds during the Romulan campaign. I can't rembember any special power putting them ahead of common D'deridex. They are stronger and have more hitpoints, that's it. NPC torpedoes in STO are usually a bit stronger than player torpedoes to counter the laughable amount of damage said NPCs are dealing with their energy weapons. That's because NPC ships usually run a standard 50 in all subsystem settings and thus won't deal any meaningful damage.
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