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Originally Posted by smeagolsneaky View Post
I know it sound Strange but I meet a player in the Queues Last Night who I know is predominantly a PvE player.

He was in fact one of the DJ's from subspace Radio and I asked "What are you doing in PvP" when I seen him. He answered for the Dil he was doing his PvP arena dailies to get all he could before season 7 and this was his 1st time pvping since near Launch.

So with a reduction in the rewards from STF's do you think PvP will...

1 Stay the same and continue to its Demise

2 See an influx of players as more people do their PvP daily's

3 Zombie Apocalypse lots of players AFK'ing and completing their Dailies for Free.

What do you think ?
Haha he wasn't a bad player either that's the fun part It was a good team we got running, and I hope we'll see him around more.
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