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Originally Posted by devencombs View Post
In the ENT novels The Good That Men Do through The Romulan War part II, Charles Tucker, working undercover disguised as a Romulan, has to keep taking sulfur peptide drugs, or something like that, to keep his blood green. That, and copper based blood really is blue.
I didn't read the novel but I have to make a small note: Trip probably had to take sulfur peptide drugs because he hasn't any trace of the copper based proteins in his blood, so the easiest way to turn his blood green was to make him assume something like Hemocyanin that - maybe - won't kill him and make the trick.
We don't know if there's a copper based protein that Trip could assume to turn his blood green, so that would foul even a more fine check that the "color's right" one, and that wouldn't kill the man. Maybe there isn't (or there wasn't at the time) and sulfur peptide were the only options.

Or maybe we are Trek fans... so we live for this kind of debate!