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Originally Posted by xiphenon View Post
LoL, according to you any healer in this game lacks skil because he does no DPS in his cruiser.

Of course, also cruiser can deal damage. But no cruiser, will deal more damage than an escort. So, an escort can tank endgame content as well as an cruiser, whats the point of flying a cruiser anyway?

It is nothing wrong with the damage of cruisers, however, escorts because of several "broken" powers are much to tanky.

Nerf escort tanking! The average escort pilot only needs to get the borg set, 3 blue+ shield dsitribution officer and set engine to full impuls.
first, why do you think i wrote "MOST" in my post, and why do you turn that word into "ANY"?
It is no secret that most captain kirks out there use cruisers and fire pretty rainbows, while sending boarding partys on transformers and generators. Cruisers are the most played shipclass in STO (atleast thats what i experiance), naturally most "less experianced" players will be using cruisers...often just because they like the design or think they are JL Picard and are therefore entitled win allways.

No escort can tank a gate or a tac cube endlessly and deal simply doesn't work that way. However it can get out of the 10km and still keep aggro and simply wait for powers to recharge or to repair, but in that time it is more or less useless.
Any cruiser can hang in the fight against those boss enemies, endlessly.

however it is true that escorts that invest heavily into healing abilities, can hang in the fight a long time, actually most bosses blow up before the escort runs out of heals if the grp is any good.
i agree that this way of escort setup is too conveniant, since there are not much powers to put into ensign and ltd sci and engi other than heals.

if the tank/healer/DD would actually work in this game, escorts would be using less heals and more offensive abilities in those slots.

Anyway, i do agree more or less that escorts are a bit too tanky, but i don't see the solution in nerfing or buffing the ships. I think the grp content needs to be bend towards using ship classes as they are intended to function.
more missions like starbase blockade, or no win scenario are needed. I'm sorry to see that the new romulan mission in the azura nebula is a step away from that, since it is a pure DPS run.
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