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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
the standard tropes of giant mushroom trees, or floating plants.
giant mushrooms...

you know there is a joke going around because in The Cure ground STF are giant assimilated mushrooms, that the Borg need real big mushrooms to get the collective high.

And Risa, wich imho the #1 spot for giant pineapples always remembers me of Super Mario Land.

One thing i would propose is to do less of these alien forests, but more SciFi Ship/Station interiors that can compete with the quality of Facility 4028.
If Mass Effect got one thing right it was the SciFi feel of the Levels and Visuals.
A purple lava rock is not alien or scifi to me, that looks like some Fantasy island to me.
Facility 4028 was one of the few times where i really felt like in a SciFi game.

The FED Ships are ok, but they are so common that it isn't really that interesting to see more FED architecture. Any Alien ship interior, be it a Klingon, Cardassian or Deferi Ship always looks like some old rust bucket, that doesn't give me much of a SciFi feel either.

Granted in a big galaxy there will be lots of Trees, no matter what color, but i really feel a lack of good modern alien techy SciFi-ish interiors in STO (if you ignore the Federation interiors).

I want to see more things like Facility 4028 and less things like... assimilated mushrooms and purple lava rocks please.

Oh and while i'm at it....

ASTEROIDS.... can you make em move?
Tribble-PhysX would be epic (crash in one with your ship, your shields glow and push the asteroid away) / or at least add a slight spinning movement to every Asteroid?

The Asteroid fields in STO just feel so ...static ...dead ...some movement would really make them feel ALIVE.


well maybe not THAT much movement

but this would do nicely for STO:

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