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10-31-2012, 04:00 AM
Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
Sure PvP will become more valuable as a source of Dili. This will lead to:

1. More players coming just for the dili.
2. Some of these new players will be wiped a few times, and then become regular AFKers.
3. Some will face similarly inexperienced players, and will have a blast of a n00b fight, allowing the monster of PvP addiction to sink it's claws into them!
4. = Profit!

(That said, I believe s7 will also introduse some other ways of making Dili, so maybe PvP Dili will not increase in value after all...)

What I fear is not AFKers... I fear players who will try to finish the match as soon as possible... T1 ships and no shields... charging full speed towards the enemy...
we will fight such foul play with griefing. simply warp out on afkers so they waste an hour and get nothing. we need to fight back, if someone is so low brow they t1 no shields in pvp, hope they had fun that one time, as theyll be ostracized mass ignored and warped on.