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10-31-2012, 04:02 AM
Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post
I just logged in to Tribble to check one specific item..

Apparently the conversion of existing omega force standing has not been implemented.

My lead character on the test server has got a whole lot of Omega force gear.

If I may suggest..

Put a trade in vendor where players can trade in existing Omega, KHG, MACO sets and pieces for a refund of marks plus dilithium (seeing Dilithium is required to advance in the Omega force tiers) and parse accolades for existing Omega related accolades and titles for a award of Omega rep so we who have run hundreds of STF's don't have to do it all over again from scratch?

It seems a lovely system on par with the way the fleet starbase system works and all, but I would like some sort of head start into the new system.
You dont lose what you have, the only things that will be convertet and locked down is the EDC, Salvage and Techdrops. If you have allready a MK XII Set you will keep it.