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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
I did another pug CSE. Long story short:

The only times I died were from overpowered Borg one shots, btw.

So I go in, and these loonies are getting their rear ends handed to them by the Borg. There's this one guy that keeps screaming "protect the kang" even though we're all at the Kang. And he just calls us newbs. After the Kang was destroyed by a swarm of Raptors they let loose at the end, he spat some more bad words and left. I said "I believe the word you are looking to call me is noob." But I didn't get it off before he left.
A pity really - when you find that the team/PuG you are with spend more time trying to defend the Kang than doing anything else you just know it's going to be either fail or, at best, will take a looong time to complete.
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