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Originally Posted by spartanofborg View Post
what general look would you like it to have?
if you were to see a Ferasan ship for the first time what atrrbutes would you like it to have, would you want it intimidating or maybe a vessel that looks like a baseball bat brought to a gun fight but underneath is a machine of immense terror and technology?
Ferasans are basically "Kind of Kzinti" since the rights to the Kzinti shown in the cartoon probably reside in doubt (they were originally and are currently IP of Mr. Larry Niven and originally based in his "Known Space" environment...) so maybe look at how Kzin ships are laid out in "Man Kzin Wars".

aka, they're laid out less "artsy" and more 'brute force' engineering-we want speed, so we put a bigger engine on it, we want guns, so we installed emplacements, we want protection, so it's got this obvous-heavy-hull, dense looking and blunt and about as subtle as a brick to the face.

none of this personal-erotic-massager look of the Atrox, the Car'aCal should look like something a rioter throws at a picture window, mean and heavy and decidedly unkind.

Start with a blunt, ovoid cylinder for a body, add short, fat nacelles and oversize engines, cram a rhomboid prism on the ventral and dorsal, with short spikes for sensor antennae dotting it between weapons blisters. No thin 'pylon' structures-the nacelles are packed up tight against the main hull, and the uni module is mounted just above the deflector. Texture should be anything but smooth and pretty, this is a ship designed to do one thing-the most harm in the least amount of time.

it should, in short, look like something designed by a warlike species interested in delivering the most brutal, vicious attacks against anyone or any THING they come across.