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10-31-2012, 04:25 AM
Originally Posted by baudl View Post
Anyway, i do agree more or less that escorts are a bit too tanky, but i don't see the solution in nerfing or buffing the ships. I think the grp content needs to be bend towards using ship classes as they are intended to function.
more missions like starbase blockade, or no win scenario are needed. I'm sorry to see that the new romulan mission in the azura nebula is a step away from that, since it is a pure DPS run.
With Season 7 right at the front door, all this "nerf escort tanking" cryout is no longer necessary, isn't it? The Borg set gets adjusted as does the Shield Distribution Officer, so I guess soon we'll have more threads about people crying about their escorts being too squishy again. At least those people that still have to believe in invisible Borg torpedos to explain a lack of combat tactics or build will have an even harder time to stay alive then.
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