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Originally Posted by nileight1 View Post
It seems that whoever did the write up for the new zone kind of mixed up the dikironium cloud creature from "Obsession" and the salt vampire from "The Man Trap"

Um.... mix up? How about genetic engineering?

Do people not have imaginations any more? Or perhaps they lack comprehension?

Being a slave to canon shows both.

Originally Posted by Star Trek Online's Own Dev Blog!

We don?t believe that a creature like that would attack a Romulan, though ? their blood is copper based and wouldn't sustain the creature. But if someone used the DNA of the M-113 creature to genetically engineer a similar creature that could be unleashed on a population?

See that? A new and interesting idea... Genetically modified blood-suckers. Boldly going forward rather than quoting canon and scripture. ALSO, unless there is a mistake in-game somewhere... The DEV BLOG episode clearly states COPPER.

Ayup. Reading is fundamental. COPPER. not sulfur.

If you want a small universe that references itself every chance it gets pick up a ST novel. Don't sit here and discourage the devs when they try to expand the game.
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