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.........seriously? Have you guys never flown an escort before? Escorts are not cruisers, they cannot take the same punch to the groin as cruisers, they cannot tank nearly as well. If you are taking fire in an escort, your job is to hit evasive and gtfo of dodge and regenerate so you don't get popped.

The destroyer is bar none one of the most superior escorts in the game. She outstrips the defiant simply because of her BO layout and her hull. Don't try tanking crap with an escort and you won't get blown apart.

If the destroy was such weaksauce, then ever escort out there would be even weaker and no one would fly them...oh wait.

A few things that can help your problem here.

Borg engine, borg deflector, Maco MK XII shield, 2 shield generators, Decent skill points in shield systems and shield emitters, two tactical teams...and knowing when to remove yourself from a fire fight.

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