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10-31-2012, 07:22 AM
Originally Posted by vengefuldjinn View Post

The Ambassador class, still waiting,
the Andorian ship, still waiting

Something NASTY just crossed my mind,.... Are some (all ?) of the a fore mentioned ships I listed, gonna endup in the lobi store too? ! We have 50$ uniforms now, why not 200$ ships being the new norm now?
So...after waiting nearly 3 years, the Ambassador Class will cost 25,825,875 Lobi??

I can imagine the Devs making ships like the Andorian an insanely HIGH Lobi price. That's the fast track to quickly killing off your player base.

{{Get your Romulan Warbirds}}....Come and get em'!...Our low Lobi price of 999,999,999 Lobi. Act now before this once in a lifetime offer runs out!

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