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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
One that doesn't affect me as I will not use the borg set and don't use shield dist doffs for some or other reason (probably something to do with them being tied to a skill I don't use)

I will still be able to cycle EPtS and run aux2SIF constantly with TT when possible. I might give up ST on my primary escort build to have HE but yeah, I don't suffer from this nerf in any way shape or form
yeah that explains a lot...still 2 main reasons for escorts survivability are getting nerfed in season 7.
actually this nerf affects also my cruiser and carrier heavily, but the borg set nerf had to come, really devaluated all other sets.

PS: hard to believe for me that somebody would not want to use the cheapest and best set in the game...what reason would that be that actually would explain that? It must be a sentimental thing, since gameplay technically there is none.
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