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10-31-2012, 08:09 AM
Just as most all other graphical related things in STO, the UI "theme" colors are way over the top.
I don't know how things are being decided at cryptic, but design related things should be made by someone who has at least a clue about colors.
My 8 year old nephew would just paint the UI into the faction color, but i expect something more advanced from professional game designers.

You could have created something like a LCARS color palette for every species, which DOESN'T consist just of different shades of one color . I don't think that would be too much to estimate.
Sometimes if i am in a twisted mood, i try to play my Klingon character. But as soon as i see that UI, i rater play some other game, it just hurts my eyes.

BTW: is there any chance to make interiors a bit more to scale in STO 2?