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What is the reason why the NPCs can't fight smarter? Using thier abilities in concert to actually give the Player reason to think to defeat them.

For example in the very early KDF missions where the player encounters Tarsen, as the Romulan Assassin in the mission " Bringing Down the House" I would expect him to fight with a decidely Romulan style in both ground and Space combat.

On the ground a Romulan boss-style NPC such as Tarsen could have access to many of the Tac/Sci Abilities of the player to use in combat. Abilities that he could use in combo's just like the Players in ground combat to buff themselves or get greater effect.

Admittedly I'm unskilled in ground combat so such Combo's would have to be given as examples from somebody who does Ground alot.

Space though I know a little bit about so I hope my ideas can be useful.

First off, as a matter of habit all space NPCs should be cycling a copy of Emergency Power to Shields 1 and another EPTx power just like the players do in PvP.

All NPCs need to use Tactical Team plus Transfer Shield Strength or some combo ability to heal thier shields after a large alpha strike.

Basically the foundation tactics used in PvP by the players need to be coded into the NPCs so they also have a certain level of skill to overcome.

Back to Tarsen though and the evil Romulan Empire.
The current rendition of a Died'rix BattleCruiser with its Heavy Plasma Torpedoe volleys and use of Viral Matrix in combat is exactly what I wish all the NPCs in STO fought like, using thier abilities in a semi-logical manner that challenges the player.

So why can't all NPCs be similiarly programmed to offer a challenge to the player without being so over done as to be silly?
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