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Hmm I've never gone up against a bug ship in 1 on 1 combat but I have reliably pasted the escort carrier, Patrol escort, and Garumba. so not that far out of the league. Garumba did most spike damage with an all out tactical buf and ato3 alpha. Required use of a TT + TSS to overcome. TT is fa fad skill but its a very powerful fad skill to not use it is to nurf yourself intentionally dont be surprised to loose if you do that.

I fly a canon excelsior on holodeck basicly almost duplicate build to the canon odyssey I posted. Which is a Dontdrunkimshoot build modification with a few lockbox consoles for a more BOP piloting playstyle.

That build is basically it. Drop the APO1 for a crf and the engi skills get an added Aux to Dampeners for a pinch maneuverability boost and they basically line up after that.

killing escorts is simple after that you weather the alpha let their APO# wear off then put them in warp plasma, tac skills, weapon bat, and let rip with your canons. Escorts fold under in about 11 seconds 30 if they have rsp.
Try the bug sometime, with a good player at the helm, and you'll get the feeling. There are a couple of good escort pilots in BOA, Cypher probably being the best with quite a few close 2nds. But even the best bug pilots are heading for other games now as there is simply no challenge what-so-ever and for balance they have to disqualify themselves out of player intitated fleet PVP just to get others to participate.

If I'm going to run a cannon build, I'm going to put it in an escort. They were designed for it, they can get 2 copys of Om, and use it to it's fullest ability. Crusiers, of any sort, can not. They just do not have the Boff tac slots (for Om) nor the turn rate to use them effectivly. Beams, before the ACC NERF, used to be the min/max standard for crusiers but now with nothing but misses (even with ACCX3 Mk 12purples) beams are such low damage in the comparison that they are almost worthless.

TT is nothing more than a self DPS gimp for a cruiser. All cruisers, except the excel, only have 2 tac slots and using 1 of them for TT is a massive self-NERF to damage. Again tho, escorts can and do run 2 copys of TT very easily and effective. They have the tac boff slots to do this along with 2 copys of Om. All my escorts run 2 copys of TT, macro-ed with my G-board. The crusier, at best can run 1. Now, on a heal-boat they are not worried about damage of any sort and are nothing more than a support prof so that can get away with it. Besides that, TT has got it's neck streched out on the choping block so much it isn't even funny. They've talked about it before and now with the notification that more "balance issues" will be taken up after season 7, I'm sure it will end up being about as effective, post NERF, as FaW is with it's post NERF abilities. Ev1 who relys upon TT, will have their legs yanked right out from under them, just like FaW. But, not to worry, buy some more keys for even more DPS and have an entire game of 1-shot kills with the only skill of, "Who can get to the button, 1st"?

A good escort pilot will only fall for the the plasma snare once, After that, he's not exactly right on your tail to get caught. With staying back just a distance of about 3, the plasma snare is ineffective and the bug has the turn rate to never get caught. I have had more success with the tractor mines than plasma anyday. However, all these tac slots and Oms come into play there and the good escort will counter even that (all tho it's a tad bit harder but they have more than the bear minimum tools to pull it off).

This is the development design of STO now. And I'm sure that the bug will ultimatly be outclassed in the near future as well. You bought 200 keys to get the bug, but there will be another ship that's better, has more DPS, more Boff slots, more console slots, more P2W consoles that will throw your builds right out the window as well, for nothing more than the never ending battle of heading you to their store and getting another 200 keys. And after that, another one is right down the line. With the P2W development design, they simply have to. It doesn't matter of you pay 15 a month for a sub, gave them $300.00 for a lifetime, the design is you'll end up in their store as well, if you want to compete. The end result is PVP ends up pretty much dead, as it is right now.

I'm just a bit sick of all of it and it's probably more than time to head on for "greener" pastures.

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