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10-31-2012, 09:38 AM
Originally Posted by baudl View Post
PS: hard to believe for me that somebody would not want to use the cheapest and best set in the game...what reason would that be that actually would explain that? It must be a sentimental thing, since gameplay technically there is none.
I outright refuse to use anything in the game that is overpowered (I do own the set as I am a collector of them). I fail to see the appeal of something that takes away from the challenge of the game and removes 90% of the skill needed to do well. The problem with this long overdue nerf is that it will cause a lot of "Oh no, my escort keeps dying, this can't be allowed!" and more "Please buff my poor, poor cruiser" on the forums, although we will start to see better played escorts from those who bother to adapt and the number of noob cruisers will sadly go up.

I think the game would survive a small change to cruisers or to NPCs making Jack of all trades cruisers a viable option again something that would improve variety of builds in game some of which is a good thing, obviously it will make more noob builds more common but that's just a negative side effect of a good thing.

Bottom line on the borg set (as is) as far as I'm concerned it's an 'I win set' and therefore should never be used by anyone who calls themselves a skilled player