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Is there a reason some items bought from the Zen store are delivered straight to you (such as ships going straight to the shipyard, clothes being delivered to the tailor) and others are not?

The actual item types aren't even specific to "in a box" or "not in a box". Some clothes (like Ferengi Jackets) can be sold on the exchange, Some (7of9's suit) can't. Some ships can (D'kora), others (Odyssey) can't.

Why can't every single item on the Z-store be packaged in a Special Requisition Pack - Whatever that can be sold on the exchange? It wouldn't cause PWE to lose money on Zen-store sales (someone has to buy the item in the first place), and may actually be a profitable venture with people actually spending Zen to get something they don't want, so they can raise the EC to get something they do.