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Originally Posted by criss11 View Post
there is another doff, armory officer, which it says "...disruptor or phaser turret" additional disruptor yes, but phaser type ? NEVER saw the phaser variation summoned and i play the game since open beta f2p (also beta tester of PWI ,FW,BOI)
Want another bug lol ? I have Ferengi Hacked Locked Box and i can't open it nor trash menu to discard and when i tried to open it first time i think it wanted to give me a key but i had full inventory..and now i might need to submit a ticket for an item bug...
* Or how about the turrets and torpedo platforms space deployable devices which are firing only when it's raining outside(irl) lol ?
Welcome to MMO's world lol, full with descriptions but in real, 0 (Zero) working in the game engine..
Do you really think a disruptor beam really makes 186.7 DPS ? or the chance for crafting purple consoles is really random ?
The only games which are not lying or full with worthless descrptions are the offline games
MMOs needs money to survive and will do anything to milk the dollars lol

*Once again to see how easy is to type a "random" description on doff powers there is another GROUND task doff which "has a chance to create a Gravity Well"'s about a Phasic Instability a ground anomaly not a space anomaly (btw a space anomaly on the surface of a planet would rip the planet in pieces).
How about the Nurse which is a ground doff but "can recover the crew faster when crew is below 75%...+150% Crew recovery while in combat.. " ..the doff can be added to Ground tasks but the power is for Space ...
Sorry to dissapoint you but i'm wondering if there are at least 50% doffs which really does what their power says or at least 50% doffs which really apply the numbers (percentages,chances) from that power ( a real 10% chance not ~2%).

* Or how about the bugs in STF :
1.Space - sometimes after respawn the ship can't turn anymore..
2.Ground - some players after respawn in infected ,outside the boss's room,can't use the weapon anymore.. (it.s not from the remodulation)

* Or how about when beaming up to ship from Drozana Station (and still possibly from DS-9 if not fixed), Holo Leeta tells you : "CONGRATULATIONS" if i didn't had nothing to do with Dabo on that day..

* Or how about the KDF Chef from interior ship with his(her) bugged menus..

* Or how about the teleporting bug for KDF ? As KDF player you confirm to beam down the to First City but you are teleported in Qo'noS Shipyard often? - LOL they should make a gambling mini-game related to teleporting in First City to make some extra cash to forgive the amateur devs .I'd love to bet 100k for the next time before the teleportation on the fact that i will be beamed to the Shipyard instead of First City..

I can make a list with bugs,weird bugs,typos,missing descriptions in STO to fill 3 pages ..

The Conclusion: many things are made in rush by amateurs without the proper tests ..Tribble server is useless..and they're gonna release Season 7

Remember when they updated the game and bugged the auto-firing in space , or the manual cast of the ground abilities from boffs..

(i'll stop dreaming at that day to see some Xindi stuff in game such a playable faction,episodes related to their super weapon,Xindi STF , Xindi store ships and many more not just a very rare doff which may be owned in game by 15-20 players)

The phaser/disruptor thing refers to phaser for fed and disruptor for klingon. Lazy, but not broken.

I'm sure if you list everything that you don't understand as bug the list will be very long.

I can refute MOST of the things that youre calling bugs in your post, but I don't have the energy and it won't make you any smarter, so there is no point.