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10-31-2012, 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by hawks3052 View Post
The sad part is you are right Roach.

If could I would point a huge target on his ship so every KDF shop would kill him on sight.
If you are refering to me would that target apply to my 6 KDF toons as well? I better make it easier and re-name them.

Roach is more correct - I am kicking the ant pile a little - but not to make KDF players angry - just waking up to current reality.

While I was greatly impressed with Mr Stahls general performance in his last blog I do not believe one word that he said about season 8 being KDF focased. It's just not "economically viable" to use one of his earlier quotes why they don't want to make any more c-store KDF ships.

By having Fed only Characters able to purchase and use KDF ships(and vise versa) it will greatly increase the player base able to purchase klingon ships and then - only then will they become "economically viable" to produce new ones.

personally I want a Klingon style sci ship - the lock-box one without a cloak was just a let-down for me. I would like one that would be a Fleet Vor'cha like hybrid sci ship.