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10-31-2012, 10:51 AM
Sophisticated AI is a major drain on processing usage in the game/servers. Not only would the STO cluster need a upgrade (magnify each increase in processing power needed thosands of times to match the number of people in game running that new AI code). They can't offset the AI to the local user for security, and even if they did it would require an increase in min system requirements.

Even marginal increases in scripted AI magnify out given the thousands of runs performed on scripts. So how much they could increase the AI scripting really depends on how much the system resources are already being used up with the present system in place, which really only the devs know.

I've tried to overcome this easy AI by strategically laying out enemy ground/space spawns in the foundry so at least there's some challenge, but it is tricky. I hope though one day though they can put something better in for AI, would be nice!
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