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10-31-2012, 10:57 AM
are you people REALLY that bored that u have to look for tiny little inconsistencies that really no body notices but u. so wat if the combadge is in the wrong place and the rank pips r wrong. its 2409 people, get with the times. and the shoulder piece, it looks fine to me. Im just sayin that it looks like u guys r just looking for something to be wrong. Because i have never ever noticed these "inconsistencies" b4 until now
*Me*Why don't you just step away from the weapons console. You and I both know that you couldn't hit that cube, even if it was right in front of us.
*Junior Tactical Officer* But sir the cube IS right in front of us.
*Me* EXACTLY! Its right in front of us and you still missed it! Just step away from the console.