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Except we KDF fans never where asleep to be woken up. The future possible situation of the KDF is the same as it ever was and to give in and joining the feds as one big faction is still the same non-option it ever was.

All we KDF fans can do is wait, continue to express our desires and see if the light at the end of the tunnel is sunshine or the train.
Sadly Levi may be right, PWE needs to make money so they go where the money is. I.E. Fanboys need their toys and money not spent on the majority is a waste, so no PvP, no more than one faction, no new story, only pay-to-play content. As Levi once said, If you aren't buying- your freeloading. So STO don't need me, my sub is running out, I don't buy fed toys and they don't create things I want. Luckily MWO is out, Chris Roberts is creating again and even our old SFC server is back up so there's many more exits available than were a few weeks ago. Seems there's less peeps who really care than drones who play what they're given, once they go the drones will have the sandbox all to themselves, enjoy.

My hope is oneday STO get's a reboot and becomes the game this version coulda been- just like the movie franchise. Actually now that I think about it, I hope not. I'm bored beyond belief with Star Trek- the only thing interesting were the Klingons, and when they're killed off I can finally move forward in life, and find interesting things elsewhere. Keep paying them guys Levi- they LOVE your kind.
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