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10-31-2012, 11:25 AM
Still more BS mega crits. Every STF I've run has multiples of them.

Last night I popped instantly, full hull, full shields, was even running EPTS at the time. I just died with no damage taken. Checked battlelog, and it was a magical 60k crit torpedo, THAT NEVER FIRED AT ME!!!

In another one I had aggro from Donatra for a moment. I hit evasive maneuvers at 5.5k to get out to 10k, but before I could get to even 7K I died. I looked back and saw the torp spread so I hit BFI. I still died instantly. It didn't even damage me, just total death. Then about 20 seconds AFTER I'm dead the actual torpedoes hit me.

It's bullcrap. They're not modelling actual weapons. They're applying BS random damage AND THEN after the fact attempting to render something that hits you.

It never matches up. They need to pull this crap code from the game. If you can't even WAIT to add the impact damage unti AFTER the weapon has fired and hit you, they are totally incompetent.