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10-31-2012, 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
I applaud the effort, but I have one thing to say about getting more players to PvP...


As long as we're forced to spend time on other things to get what we want, people will not be inclined to PvP...
I love your enthusiasm.
You are taking that next step to get more people but as the above has stated, Rewards.

This is something only the Devs can do. People need an incentive, a reason. 20k EC a match isn't efficient enough (Well to be honest, if they don't nerf the Rewards for PvP Dailies with Dilithium then maybe...).

The Devs can make those Dev Blogs to get peoples attention. Bulletins to alert more people in game.

I just have the feeling the Devs are waiting for something, and my gosh are they patient...
The Average PvP player

1) Teamwork and timing is #1
2) You cannot "Kirk It" in every ship
3) You are going to die, just get back up