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Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
All good advice Soph!

"Worse" is subject to how you look at it.

Different is what I would say. It's an MMO, the rules change with every patch. Every few weeks, it's a new game. What was good before is crap now, and what was crap before is good now.

And frankly, if the game didn't constantly change, I'd be bored of it long time ago.

Also, what is broken today always seems worse than what was broken last week. Remember broken CSV and FAW that would swwep the map clean in a few seconds? Original SNB that shut you down for "a minute"? Broken Queues that meant you were lucky to get a pop in 2 hours? Chroniton clouds that filled your screen completely?.... Some part of the game will always be more broken than the rest. When new items/ships are launched, they will always be stronger than the old ones. In a few weeks, they in turn will be weaker than the next big thing.

What is broken will be brought back in line, eventually, and in the meantime we try our best to work around it. This is how it is. It will not change. It's in the nature of a constantly evolving MMO. And from what I hear, STO is really not that bad compared to other MMOs...

That said; should we stop raging in the forums when something is broken? Heck no! We're even fortunate enough to have the ear of a dev! A dev that has some capacity to tweak the game and make it better! I've been with STO long enough to know what a privilege this really is! 2 years ago, you could cry a river in the pvp forum, and the only dev response you would get was a forum ban from an angry forum-dev. My best advice would be to treat Borticus with respect, and pray he doesn't tire too soon of our (my own included) endless whining!

EDIT: What we DO have reason for being bitter at, is the unfulfilled promises. The promises of new resources devoted to PvP. That's just stringing people along, and is not nice at all. In STO, PvP is a low priority. That's fact. Maybe someday it will change, and it would be awsome, but until the resources have actually been allocated to pvp, Cryptic should stop throwing out promises.
i have no problem with the game evolving. i have a problem with them cooking up pve additions that can be used in pvp and not worrying about their effect on pvp until after its release. for pve it just has to look cool. for pvp it has to not be to powerful or replace something else. regardless of their intentions to make things funner with more and more interesting additions, they have had a negative effect on pvp 90% of the time.
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