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Originally Posted by meurik View Post
I'm tired of Cryptic justifying every single "inaccuracy", by that tired old excuse... "This is 2409, things are bound to look different."

They specifically chose the TNG/DS9-era Dress Uniform, for the "Diplomat" costume. If they wanted to make a 2409 variant, they are entirely entitled to do so. But don't go using (almosot identical) an existing costume, make a few minor "modifications", and call it a 2409 variant.

Look at the TRUE 2409 uniforms (Antares/Sierra styles, Fleet uniforms, Vice Admiral coats etc), compare their style to the "so-called" 2409 Diplomat style. It's pretty obvious the two styles are ENTIRELY different. Just as any of the Antares/Sierra styles is completely different from any of the TNG/DS9-era styles.

Again 2409!!! NOT TNG/DS9. Cryptic may use everything they want it's there game. And if you want a TNG/DS9 version. Make a forum post about it. But again, just not say the uniform is wrong. It's an updated TNG/DS9 Diplomatic Uniform. with Rank pips of 2409 and badge from 2409.