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Originally Posted by icegavel View Post
The "limitations" are to ensure clear and accurate results. We're only testing the strength of the PROCS, not the damage itself. Any interference (from BOff traits, DOff abilities, BOff powers, etc) would contaminate the results. I'm saying "Hey, let's test this in a way that whoever is GENUINELY right will be made clear." It's a fair system. I'd be under the same limitations you would. This is purely empirical. We'd have the same stats, the same gear (with no set effects to contaminate results), and only the energy types would be different. It's fair. Is that so bad? Do you fear the empirical?
What are you talking about? What you suggested would absolutely be scewed by design lol?

The strength of several Procs is effected by Skill points. The point the AP skill proc is damage. It's not "interference" to max the potential. You're wanting to falsely limit the potential of APs by not allowing for CritH mods, effectiveness of Polaron drain, effectiviness of Tetryon Drain. Iirc even Phasers are impacted by skills not only in resists, but Sci for duration. This alone discounts your so called experiment's integrity.

This doesn't even count synergies w/things like phasers and VM, polarons and Tykens, Tet w/Tetglider, disruptors w/Direct hull damage like DEM, TBR, Transphasics etc, TB w/APs for rolling even more Crits or APA for CritH bonus.

Then you want us to not distribute shields ie pilot our ships as dumb as possible, lol?

You're just spewing pointless nonsense b/c you can't admit being wrong. So you ramble over and over in the hopes I'll get tired of you and stop replying so you can say to yourself "I'm right". That is the only way I can make sense of any of your posts.