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The Fifth Fleet is comprised of Branches and Divisions. Branches are a Department of sorts whereas Divisions are a sub-branch of each Branch.

5.01: Communications:

The Branch of The Fifth Fleet responsible for subspace communications between Starfleet's many fleets and trading. The Communications Center was based in San Francisco within the Communications Research Center on Earth, but has sinced positioned it self on The Fifth Fleet's Starbase 505.

Any and all officers in this branch is considered an Ambassador of the Fleet and will be treated as such.

Duties Include- Promoting Diplomacy, Trade Agreements, Overseer of the Recruitment Division.

__________________________________________________ ______________________________________

5.02: Fifth Fleet Command (Affectionatly Nicknamed the 5-O):

The Fifth Fleet Command Branch is a division within Starfleet Command that is responsible for maintaining contact with Fifth Fleet Federation vessels and for managing their missions.

In 2312, Captain Mathew Phillips of the USS Spirit requested that The 5-O be contacted so that they could be alerted to the position of a black star encountered by the USS Enterprise, which had left a beacon at the star's location, in the vicinity of Starbase 9. This beacon was left due to failed previous attempts made by the Enterprise. Lt. Commander Uhura, Communications Officer aboard the Enterprise, was unable to contact Starfleet Control in 2266 on standard Starfleet channels because, unknown to the crew at the time, the ship had traveled back to 20th century Earth.

Duties Include- Receving Forgein Delegates, Hosting Division Conferences, Overseer of All Branches and Divisions.

__________________________________________________ ______________________________________

5.03: Internal Affairs:

Branch of Investigators charged with examining the actions of a personnel, agency or organization, such as Members of the Fifth Fleet or the Fifth Fleet Command. Their job is to look for the possibility of misconduct, fraud, or criminal activity by individuals.

Duties Include- Overseeing overuse of Fleet Bank/Credits, Misconduct Within the Fleet, Promoting Members of The Fleet. __________________________________________________ ______________________________________

5.04: Operations:

The Branch: Operations oversees the everyday on-goings within the Fifth Fleet, such as the following divisions.

  • 5.04.A: Recruitment Division

Division that is solely based upon the recruitment of new Fleet Officers.

Duties Include- Innovating ways for Recruitment, Controlling Entry Requirements, Sreading Information About the Fleet

  • 5.04.B: Entertainment Divison:
Division that is solely based upon the entertainment of Fleet Officers. This division creates Events and anything that would provide pleasure to the Fleet.

Duties Include- Maintaing the Facebook Page, Website, and creating Events in-game.

  • 5.04.C: Ranking Divison:
Division that is solely based upon the promoting of new officers.

Duties Include- Throwing parties/receptions for arriving/leaving/promotions within the Fifth Fleet.