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Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
I've been chain tractored by danubes as a KDF. That's why I run EWP with my heal build and I am looking at getting the Theta radiation as well.

With Bops, I guess hit and run and Omega helps?

The thing is that it's easier to avoid being tractored than being siphoned. My Catbox can't reliably deal with them nor can some of my other ships. TBR doesn't work as well in my Catbox either. It's just too much of a slug to position properly. And I give up too much healing that helps my team to combat them. As a KDF, I don't have to give up anything in my healboat with the proper Doffs to deal with tractors.
The TB Danubes, especially in carrier heavy teams, are the bane of the KDF player as much as the siphon drones, and a drain heavy team, is the bane of the feds.

They both can be countered or overcome with preperation and both will make your day suck if you are not prepared to fight them.

The Siphon Drones have a rebalance incomming becuase they caused such a ruckus and frankly they need it.

I am curious though if the Danubes will ever get a rebalance or if they are to continue having such high Hull for a pet, just becuase there are less KDF players to complain does not mean the issue is not present.

Then again lots of things needs balancing in STO. All we can do is wait and see.
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