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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
2) Reduces current power level in that same subsystem instantly.
-- Successive procs will temporarily reduce your power below the already-reduced max, but you will instantly begin regaining power up to the reduced threshold dictated by the 1st effect of the proc.
So let's say you have a 5 man team all using polaron weapons and the 1st proc is initiated. We know the 1st proc is not stackable, but can be extended to an indefinite period of time via subsequent procs that occur within 5 seconds (at least 1 new proc within any 5 second interval that keeps refreshing the 5 second time). This means that item #1 can be a perma proc (up to your death) if you incur a polaron proc within every 5 second period.

The second part of that proc is stackable.

Let's take an extreme circumstance.. 10 people in ker'rat all with polaron weapons, all firing at a single target. The first proc takes hold , but while under the influence of the first proc, everyone procs you on the #2 which means -100 power level which immediately begins rising to the 1st proc reduced maximum threshold of -10. Rate of increase depends on your EPS skill.

Can you see any situation where continuous procs from accx3 weapons may keep you utterly useless? especially when used in conjunction with other power draining or subsystem disabling abilities?

This is just an example.

Other weapon procs like disruptors which, as you said, are relatively ineffective on the 2nd proc, might not be the case when 7-8 people are proccing you (i.e. team play).

I'm just saying that I have experienced these procs that can stack and the phaser weapons changes are more unequivocal given the 10 second immunity as compared other weapons types have no such restrictions. Maybe all weapon types need to have a 10 second immunity without continuous timer resets/stacking?
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