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10-31-2012, 01:53 PM
Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
We're trying, but not only are we very busy working on the patches, it's also sometimes difficult to comment on threads when features are rapidly in flux.

We're constantly iterating on different versions of features - for example, I've recently updated the Tier 5 Romulan reputation power (in part because of feedback on this forum), but I haven't posted specific details because it's still being tested by our internal team and tuned.

We're very interested in player feedback and bug reports - that's a large part of why the Tribble server exists. That does mean, however, that it's hard for us to say, "X item is going to cost Y Dilithium," at this stage in development, since we *are* listening to feedback - and making changes daily.
Is it going to have actual romulan skins on the rifles or is it just going to have that green fisher price thing I saw on tribble like all the other plasma rifles in the game.

Everyone at Cryptic must be doing a really good job... No one has gotten into any trouble because the dev blog didn't include anyone being sent to the Klingon computer to make any new ships LOL.