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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
Turn rate is Ok - the design and the reason it was given cannons was it was build to be highly manuverable - so that fits with the books.
I disagree. The Excelsior moves at a good enough speed. It's slow enough to make cannons not the first choice you could make, but fast enough to keep them viable. The ship is supposed to be multi-role, jack of all trades, master of none. Sensor Analysis plus the ability to keep heavy cannons effectively pushes it way too close to Escort territory. Throw in CRF2, APB1, and APA if you're a Tac, and suddenly this science cruiser is packing a huge bite...

Having the turn rate around Excelsior levels, maybe a bit faster, would mitigate this without making it impossible to do with some RCS consoles.

Then again, I'm not a systems designer. What do I know, right?

Originally Posted by burstdragon323 View Post
Be Silent!

We Science captains have been needing a serious leg-up for almost 9 months. We haven't had a decent science vessel that could do more than support since the RSV (Wells doesn't count, as a LB ship). I for one as a SCI Captain, welcome this ship, and I will be buying the full pack. Don't complain about "OP". My current RSV build is a DEMON, and a serious upgrade like this is just what I and other SCI caps needed.
Even with my changes, you still have a relatively nimble Science cruiser that can shoot DHC'ss with Sensor Analysis.

If I wanted to totally nerf it I'd be crying to drop a console slot and severely reduce the effectiveness of its console set abilities.

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