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What I want:

Fleet Koro'T'inga
Tier 3
Hull: 38,000
Turn rate: 12
Impulse modifier: 0.15
Shield modifier: 1.1
Crew: 650
Inertia Rating: 40
Weapons: 4 fwd, 4 aft (can mount DHC)
Devices: 3
Consoles: ENG 4, SCI 3, TAC 3
Special Bonuses: +10 weapons, +10 engines
Abilities: Cloak

Price: 20,000 Fleet Credits, 4 Fleet Modules

The K'Tinga retros are great looking ships but they are weak compared to the Vor'cha retrofit (which is tier2). This is the next progression of the landmark design. The Koro'T'inga is the z-store upgrade to the free K'Tinga, so it makes sense there is a fleet one.

Modern advances and modern ship building materials make the hull more durable (but not as much as the Fleet Vor'Cha retrofit), but improvements in efficiency and ship systems means less crew are required, making the ship less massive (with less life support and less crew quarters, etc). This doesn't really present itself as a better turn rate, but it does with a slightly better inertia rating. Note that raptors have a 60 inertia rating, so this isn't all that much better. A slight improvement. The shields are brought up to reflect a very expensive 1-time unlock ship also.

The BOFF setup allows a SCI player to actually run a decent KDF ship that isn't a carrier, if they wish to run LT and LtCDR as SCI. It also allows a player to set up the traditional tank with CDR and LtCDR as ENG. On the third prong you can run the LtCDR as TAC same as the Fleet Vor'cha retrofit. This gives you an improvement over the tier-1 Fleet K'Tinga in regards to raw ship stats, but also allows you to use 1 ship for several different characters using the universal BOFF setup.

The Tier3 is to make it harder to get, as it has universal BOFF slots it is 1 tier higher than the Vor'cha which does not.

P.S. It would allow the Koro'Tinga skin but also allow mix-match of: Saucer, Neck, Hull (out to pylons), pylons and nacelles.

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