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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
So will she be able to take the Fleet Vor'cha out for a dance?
when a fleet vorcha dances, it dances like Chris Farley. the vesta will at least dance like Napoleon Dynamite

if you want to know how the vesta will handle, take a recon sci for a spin, it has 13 turn as well

Originally Posted by guriphu View Post
Can we run 3 of the Aux DHC's? Or only the 1?
it just comes with 1.

Originally Posted by orondis View Post
No, I was thinking of selling off my [Acc]x3 weapons, since I doubt I'll ever PvP with that monstrosity in the queues.
with the number of ways this ship can control movement, if you use weapons on it with a single acc mod your doing it wrong. im just saying that in general
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